Killer in a lavender tutu-cocktail

img_4238I’m thinking a lot about fantasy books right now. It seems to be one of the few kinds of books that get me excited right now(that and Shakespeare)#readingslump. And it reminded me about the lovely weekend I spent earlier this year engrossed in The library at Mount Char and the drink that ensued.

The story read like an action movie: I’m not surprised that the writer has a past in the creation of video-games. But it was well done and very entertaining; I think I was more enamored by some of the characters then the plot, but the story held up to scrutiny I must say. The name for the cocktail came from one of the main characters who is violent and has a very different dress sense. I’m not judging him on the flak jacket/lavender tut-combo(p.10),it’s his bloody rampages that are the problem.

The problem with the cocktail, if we can call it a problem, it that it ended up requiring a few rather nerdy ingredients. But let’s take it from the start.

They drink tequila, the drink shots which I will never encourage, but sipping on a nice reposado is something I do recommend. I went with Los tros tonjos which is my preferred one. Unlike a blanco, a reposed is more mature in flavour and this one has a bit of smokiness. I like the heaviness of a reposado for some cocktails, but make no mistake: the fresh taste of a blanco can be a good thing. Just not in this here.

In honour of the lavender tutu I went with “lavender infused dry vermouth”. When I say dry vermouth I mean Noilly Prat; a very good basic to have around. Infusing it with lavender is easy if you have fresh food grade lavender at hand. That can be a problem for some. But if that’s available you just need to stick a couple of stalkes in the bottle and leave it for a few hours or over night. I, being the cocktail-nerd that I am with a penchant for floral cocktails, try to have that kind of thing around at all times. With it you can make some outstanding Martinis and Martinezes.

And then there is the “coca-cola reduction” for sweetening.They drink the stuff so I guess it had a place in the drink. And the flavours do work well in this context. You can find a recipe here. But add a few lashings of Angostura bitter (I say 3 to every deciliter of coca-cola you reduce. Add after it’s cooled somewhat). It’s a reference to the bitter tincture that one of the characters drink at one point. You won’t really taste it; it’s just for the reference really. With the tincture she has lemon which ends up being a lemon zest in this context. And there is a bit of smokey whiskey for the barbecues and general fires going on. The book is called “Mount Char” so smoke should be a part,no?

Let’s put it all together.

Killer in a lavender tutu-cocktail;serves one

5 cl reposado tequila

2 cl lavender infused dry vermouth

1 cl coca-cola syrup

for serving;

cocktailglass rinsed in single malt smokey whiskey (I used Laproigh; I usually do)

lemon zest

  1. Stir the ingredients in an ice filled stirring glass until chilled
  2. Pour into the prepped glass.
  3. Twist the zest over the drink to release the oils,then put it in the glass.

This is a really nice drink; not like magic but close enough. I should make it more often but coca-cola reduction doesn’t keep very long unfortunately. What I really want is some kind of spell to make the time in the fridge stand still so that nothing ever goes bad…



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