Plath for president/Message on a sweater

img_8754Speaking of fun easy weekend projects; why not make a sweater with a statement?

This started out with the intentions to make something completely different but sometimes you need to go where the road takes you.

I couldn’t find the kind of letters that I wanted, and so the statement I wanted to make didn’t look right(this is more about me having fixed idea of what it should look like more then anything else). While out hunting though I found something else in terms of letters, and I was reading “Johnny Panic and the dream bible” by Sylvia Plath since it would have been her birthday the past week. And I was really feed up with the coverage of the US election,not because it doesn’t matter but because it crowds out information about what’s going on here. And so this is where I ended up.

img_8761These letters are easy “iron-on” ones; all you need is a set(two if spelling out certain messages: the only have one P per set for example) that were very affordable; I got mine from a craft supply store(Panduro).

I used an H&M sweater that I had. You need to make sure that you can iron it whatever is your “canvas” as these needs some heat(but not too much). Then it’s just a matter of deciding what to say, cut out the letters and follow the instructions. My next one will probably spell out “Proust is bae”. I can have so much fun with this…



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