Let there be light…

img_8737 Now that it’s getting darker I’m lighting all sorts of candles and tea lights all over the place. So let me share a little weekend project with you.

I have a weak spot for a cluster of candlesticks (or full on candelabras) placed on a sideboard or at the end of the table. Varying heights look most chic I think.

These candlesticks were made using odd glasses; old things that I had been given, most of them rather heavy, and these small metal liquor cups in silver. No one drinks what is essentially thimbles of liquor anymore, and someone used the wrong polish at some point because these have been ruined; anything you drink from them tastes awful.

So I glued a small candle holder on the inside and then glued the glass toghter with the metal cup. I used gel super-glue.

Very easy up cycling/recycling/whatever you want to call it. I just call them lovely candlesticks. This picture doesn’t really do them justice.



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