Vogue,wash and where did my weekend go?


I had this plan for the weekend(sewing,blogging) but then the sun shone and everything was put on hold….

I rarely buy Vogue nowadays; I used to do it every month but now I make other magazines my priority (and when I say Vogue I mean the U.K Vogue). However this was the best issue I’ve read in a long time: all about what “real women” wear. And some of those “real women” are actually that.

I’m very late to the Pixi-party but have been trying some of their products for a week now. It’s all right. I’m not in ecstasy but I’ll by the toner in full size and give the mud cleanser some thought. I used this other mud cleanser from Fresh once that I thought was better but back then my skin was a lot worse then it is now so I don’t know. I’m still upset that Vichy remade their series; why did they feel the need to fix something that wasn’t broken?

I will probably break-out soon though or maybe just “break out” of my jeans: I’ve learned how to make very tasty little apple pies in my small Le creuset-dishes. And I can’t stop making them…




One thought on “Vogue,wash and where did my weekend go?”

  1. I was an avid reader of Vogue India until the magazines stopped being supplied to our state. God knows what happened. Even Prevention magazine stopped its publication. After reading your entry, I am craving for some Vogue, perhaps I will re-read the older issues. Or maybe I will finally subscribe to it. Or maybe I will skim through this month’s Reader’s Digest, yes, that sounds better.

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