Punks,Penny Dreadful and puffed sleeves

img_7992I really wanted to love The invisible library by Genevieve Cogman. I was in the mood to be captured by something and there has been a distinct lack of fantasy in my reading lately. I’m aching to find a series that gets me going, so that I can have the thrill of just binging on them. This is the first in a series but sadly I won’t read the rest.

It had so much going for it; great title,  a book about books, dragons,spies, a hint of Victoriana and a Sherlock Holmes-ian detective. But in the end, and I say this about a lot of books lately, the sum wasn’t bigger then the sum of the parts. In fact a bit less.

It isn’t bad; I did read it fairly quickly and I was entertained, there are some good bits. However I found too much time was spent on constructing the world and not enough time fleshing out the characters,they felt like “cardboard” the whole time. But that’s my opinion; another can be found here.

What did I do with my mild disappointment? I finally got around to watching the third and final season of Penny Dreadful on HBO. I was late to discover the genius that is (was) Penny Dreadful. In fact I had thought it a series not for me( I scare easily and have a vivid imagination) but was convinced to watch a few episodes and was bitten. Binged the first two seasons last year and waited eagerly for the third. Penny Dreadful is the reason that I reread The portrait of Dorian Gray and finally got around to reading Frankenstein.

I have long know that the image of Frankenstein often portrayed was misleading and that in fact Frankenstein was the name of the creator not the monster( a mistake many make). In Penny Dreadful the monster is more in line with the creation that Shelly wrote I would say. It’s a book which is still relevant. I thought it such a wonderful read; the language felt fresh  and the story is powerful. A podcast I listen to,”Imaginary worlds”, had a great episode about the book; the history and ways in which we can use it as a starting point for discussions today. You can find it here.( Do take the time to check out other episodes; a lot of interesting stuff if you like Fantasy and/or Sci-Fi)

I also found this season of Penny Dreadful to be “on point” because it features a female psycho-analyst; something that I related to an exhibition I saw at the Freud Museum in Vienna about just that; the women who early on got involved with psycho-analysis and worked with patients.

In any case the show has been a delight. The third season has weaknesses but I still watched it in three sittings. Couldn’t get enough.

And then there is the wardrobe of miss Ives….

Not the best pics but she has a very dramatic everyday ware with epic outerwear; she also has some lovely dresses for when she is possessed by the devil(which is often). The colors, the materials and the puffed sleeves. I like puffed sleeves circa always.

It was that time of year in any case but inspired by this my beloved brown tweed-ish jacket with a victorian vibe is on heavy rotation. Worn here with jeans and a unicorn blouse. The jeans are Acne(the only denim label I wear because it’s the only one that works for me) and the blouse is Zara actually.

I’ve had this jacket for quite a few years now and when I find a tailor I can trust this is getting copied. It’s way beyond my sewing skills so I’ll let a professional handle it. The lining has started to tear and it is “pilling” so I need to start looking for said professional…



4 thoughts on “Punks,Penny Dreadful and puffed sleeves”

  1. I have discovered Penny Dreadful just a few weeks ago as I don’t watch series much these days but a friend recommended it. It is indeed good, I have wathced the first 3 episodes of season 1. But I am kinda keeping it for the Christmas Holidays, to binge watch 😉
    And totally agreed about miss Ives wardrobe!

  2. I used to have a double-breasted puff-sleave corduroy jacket in taupe that was somewhat similar to yours (but more closed). It doesn’t sound so appealing, but it’s one of the very few items of clothing I miss – I lost it years ago.

    And as you know, I enjoyed The Invisible Library. I gave it to both of my sisters to read (one a big reader, the other less so) and they both loved it. So I’d still recommend people give it a go, if they feel drawn to the description – but maybe be more cautious than my review suggests😊

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