Makers gonna remake


Last week I found myself in a part of Stockholm I rarely visit: the absolute center.The central station and there abouts is often very crowded, they are currently building a lot in the area making passage even more difficult and few things I want are to be found there. But it always good for me to get out of my comfort zone because I stumbled across “Remake”.

“Remake” is an initiative by a Swedish charity organization called “Stadsmissionen”( You can read more here in Swedish), trying to use things that they have been given that are not selling for different reasons. It is a problem that some people use charity organizations as dumping grounds for their old clothes; dirty, worn out or torn;those items do not sell.



By cutting up shirts and stitching different parts together they create something new. They have an ethos that everything they make should be one size and unisex. A very cool idea. They also different items of denim patchwork(coats,cushion covers,dopp kits etc. Very much my old right now) which are all very charming. In addition they sell products that help you take care of your clothes, curated accessories and few items that fit into the environmentally friendly and fashion forward profile of the store. And having thought and time put into things always gives me a feeling of luxury. I obviously like their ideas and found the store very inspiring; using materials and things being made locally, not to mention being “one of a kind”.

Very few of there items felt “me” (I would drown in there One size fits all)) but I like that they are there(they turn out to have several shops) and I will recommend them to people I know. For myself I got a bunch of new ideas(I might buy one of the shirts and use as a beach cover-up), I love talking to people who know more about these things so that I can learn and even though we are not going to consume our way out of social inequality and climate change at least this is a step in the right direction.



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