Dark red and dragons

img_8625When I wrote that I would probably mix up my use of the Victoria Beckham lipstick with some Chanel I was thinking specifically about this one,Temeraire, which was a part of last years fall collection. I love orangey-red lipsticks(I do,I do,I do) but during this part of the year even I want a deeper red, and when I went out looking last fall this one caught my eye, mostly because of the name.

It is not named after the dragon in the Naomi Novik- series (sadly) but rather the french word “temeraire” which means “reckless” or “rash”. Incidentally the dragon is just that, at lest when he is a mere dragonet( so I still think it’s a good fit). In the book Captain Lawrence names him after a ship.

img_8628The lipstick is a lot redder then the ones I usually wear but it’s got enough gloss to make me feel comfortable. I usually put on just one layer so that it’s rather sheer. And it is one of the few times that I might put on a little more in terms of eye make-up ,even for day, for balance.

Incidentally I’ve also gotten the book down from the shelves. I’ve hit a reading slump and the books that I have on the go cannot keep my attention. This is partly brain fatigue; having to spend a lot of time reading texts at work(unusual) and needing to be a little more passive when I’m free. The book about the history of the Balkans that I’m reading is very good but I need my wits about me, skimming is not an option with that one.

And here the most darling of dragons come in; rereading something that I love is a good way to get through a reading slump. And these books, at least the first three in the series, are very charming. It’s dragons and Austen-era England; those are two of my favorite things. After all my all time most loved book is Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.



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