Irish writer,Irish fuel


Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

-Oscar Wilde

I was reminded the other day how lovely an Irish coffee can be. We had been for a long walk on a grey Saturday and when heading for somewhere to have coffee and get warm the closest thing was a hotel bar. Getting just a plain cup seemed a bit trivial so we ordered “Irish coffee” instead. It is not to be underestimated, the alchemy of whisky and whipped cream added to coffee  and some sugar. It is a liquid desert but sometimes that’s what you need. Warms the spirit and the body alike. (I should be noted that I do like warm drinks in general).

And why am I bringing Oscar Wilde into this? Because it was his birthday* the other day when I made some Irish coffees for guests(so that I could take this pic), instagram reminded me of that( I didn’t know actually so it all came together very nicely).

Oscar Wilde is a writer who has inspired many a cocktail; some of them lovely ,some of them containing “Irish cream”. But despite this having nothing to do with him except the “irishness”, it seems most apt for the season. The coldness has set in, the days are dark but we haven’t gotten into the Christmas spirit yet. You can buy “Pumpkin spice lattes” in Sweden now but I’d rather not. So even though this would not have been Wilde’s drink of choice they are featured together.

Irish coffee; yields one drink

4 cl Irish whisky

2 dl hot coffee

3 teaspoons brown sugar

whipped cream to taste

  1. Pour the whisky in a pre-heated glass
  2. Add the sugar and the coffee. Stir until sugar has dissolved
  3. Add player of whipped cream, to taste.

It is nice to use a nice liquere instead of the sugar; especially the spicier ones like Chartreuse and Bénédictine D.O.M work really well. It is also possible to use a syrup with lots of flavour. I once made a version using espresso coffee and syrup with chinese 5-spice which went down a treat.

I remember growing up that my parents had special “Irish coffee glasses” but I use my sturdy old fashioned glasses that are in fact old Diptyque candle holders. “Waste not, want not” I always say. Wilde would probably disagree.


*October 16th




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