Austen&Attire;Mansfield Park-dress

img_6193Mansfield park is not my favorite Austen but I will say that I liked it more reading it now then I did when I was younger. One of the main differences is that I have read a fair bit about her life lately, and I see the similarities between the novel and her life.

I was however completely taken by this cover from the second I laid eyes on it: I love these colours and especially together!!


After much agony I decided that this was gonna be a dress and bought some basic brown jersey to work with. I used the sleeves from one pattern and then tried to make it as straight as possible. It is knee length. When I was painting on the fabric it took a couple of tries to get it right and even then I wasn’t sure. But as I have learned; there is style in numbers. One of these little doodles look crazy put a whole dress of them? Works fine I think.

This dress has been used a lot over summer and fall: sometimes with this necklace that I had(made out of old broken necklaces in a kind of 20’s style) sometimes with just simple gold jewelry and a cardigan. I really, for reasons that I can’t  explain, want to wear it with leopard-print but haven’t found a suitable one yet; I think maybe a little belt or shoes( I would love pair of nice leopard print shoes in any case).




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