The beauty and the books

I’ve written a bit about perfume and books. How about other beauty products? There are some out there.  In fact it’s my bookishness that  made me break my rule of only having one bottle of nail polish at a time.

When it comes to nail polish I’ve become fairly conservative over the years. It’s usually some kind of red or “Bitter Bitch” from Tom Ford (which is brown). I went looking for a new red when I stumbled across “Ladybird” in the H&M Beauty range. Yes I have become very fond of the H&M beauty range; they do a few of their products very well( I love their lipsticks) so it should come as no surprise that those were my hunting grounds. “Ladybird” is a red bug of course but I immediately thought of the Ladybird-books. I don’t actually own any but I have bought them as presents.

I then continued to scan the shelves and found this beautiful greenish metallic named “science fiction” which I also bought. A genre I don’t read that much but I probably should. If nothing else Ursula K.Le Guin has long been on my TBR (to be read-list).

I found these both to be easy to use: I like the rather short and wide brush. Should be noted that I use a fast-drying top coat from Seche-Vite and a base coat from Mavala. But given those things the staying power is reasonable: a few days and I use my hands and wreck my nail polish easily (sewing etc.). The price is also agreeable; 50 kr per bottle. More info can be found here.



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