Book wreaths

As I am someone who often buys old books once in a while they fall apart when reading. Such was the case with Far from the maddening crowd by Thomas Hardy. If you read a lot you will also come across books that are so boring that it’s a relief when the cat accidentally used them to trim her claws( and the allegation that I put it front of her for that very reason is unsubstantiated. There are no witnesses!!).

Point is that I’ve long wanted to try my hand at making book wreaths and all of a sudden I had the materials to do so. I think they are very stylish although mine leave something to be desired. Slowly by surely. Now I have three( four actually: one is hanging on the front door but that’ from last year) and I don’t really know what to do with them. But it was fun. And I often want to at least try.

The first one was done according to instructions on a Swedish blog: you can find it here. Hopefully enough pictures to help, and the text can always be translated via Google translate. The second and third ones was improvised and I encourage everyone to do so. On the first one I rolled the pages into cones that I stapled onto a circle of sturdy cardboard. In the middle I used a silhouette that I made on another occasion. It turned out alright. The last one was made using a glue gun and adding a large amount of scrolls I made (using the pages and some string) but it is a bit messy. I’m new to using a glue gun.

Still a nice thing to do on a weekend afternoon whilst listening to an audiobook. More inspiration can be found if googling or following the hashtag #bookwreath



3 thoughts on “Book wreaths”

  1. Your creativity has translated to beautiful wreaths in this one. Really pretty ones indeed. But I feel the pages’ agony 😓 and I feel sorry for the book. (Not your fault though, since the pages were already coming out)

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