A riot of colour, ready for the weekend

img_8435The bits I cut off from my Pride&Prejudice kimono to get manageable sleeves were not thrown away. Waste not, want not I always say. You can see it here on my patchwork coat. When I finally got around to finishing my  coat it had gotten too cold to wear it outside. Or it’s not actually finished; I haven’t given it any buttons yet. But almost done. I decided to hold on putting on any buttons or hooks it until spring. For now I’m using it as a cardigan.

It is rather soft and not too warm. The lining is an old cotton bedspread( the majority of which became my red spring coat ) and the patches are my old tattered summer dress, left overs from when a broken vintage dress became a skirt, old tablecloth etc.  It’s a riot of colour but I’m happy about that. I walk around looking like a box of macarons. Here I’m using it with blue jeans while trying on a top from the H&M conscious collection (looking for basic tops to wear at work; decided that the neckline on this was cut too low but very cute and in tune with my mood right now with the black piping). I’ve also worn it once with a black dress for evening which look very nice. It does fit under my big grey winter coat so I’ll leave it this length.

When making it( and I’m new to making coats so I don’t really have a pattern) I made big pieces of stitched up squares and then cut the different pieces for the coat from that.

No more clothes have fallen apart this week so maybe the clothes-apocalypse has ended. So far 12 garments have been retired from my closet; most have been cut up into patches( thinking about a patchwork kimono jacket because why not? I’ve thought about it for a long time actually. Having plenty of kimono jackets already doesn’t stop me sadly).

Happily I will have a lot of time this weekend; for once I haven’t “booked” things from morning to night(a mistake I often make) and hope to get some reading and sewing done. I’m currently reading Overdressed by Elisabeth L. Cline (here) so I do feel extra good about not adding to the mountain of clothes waste when wearing this. It is a book I don’t really need to read, I’m already a convert to slow fashion and DIY ,but it’s always good to have arguments up my sleeve (whether they be kimono -or batwing style).




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