Can’t say no to another kimono

As noted I love kimonos and my own simplified version of them. They are easy to make and very useful. I have many, at some point I will take photos of them all and post. But for now let’s focus on the one I made in my Austen&Attire project.

Because of course I did. I had planned to make more like a little jacket but as I miss having a dressing robe at the cottage so making a full length was a better idea. As so often I used an old sheet for material. It was soft cotton which works with the paint.


This time I actually printed on the whole piece of fabric before cutting it up, but that is mostly due to my technique of making kimonos, which is based on as little cutting and sewing as possible.

I used little round sponges and four different colours to create the pattern. It was a rather simple procedure and a therapeutic one. Making things like this at the cottage is is easier because there is more room to mess about(given that the sun is shining and being outdoors is possible.


When I had made it I realized that all the paint actually made the fabric a lot stiffer which meant that the sleeves had to be made shorter for it not to be to heavy and difficult to wear. After using it during the two weeks vacation it did get softer but I am still glad that I made the sleeves not go all the way to the floor.
img_6376This print and the colours are very cheerful. I had seen the Yayoi Kusama exhibit not long before starting this and it probably was an influence. And dots is such a timeless pattern in a way. I used some old mint green ribbon as a tie with the intent to get a nice black ribbon instead. I’m still using that mint green one though . It’s the cottage, it doesn’t matter. And it’s not like that ribbon is gonna be used for something else.

In regards to the quote on this one I haven’t added one. I really like the idea of putting a quote from the book in question on each garment inspired by it, and when rereading Pride& Prejudice (which was pure joy; it’s the best Austen in my opinion) I came across a funny thing about Mrs Bennet. And now I can’t find it. I’ve had to many other things going on but I probably need to reread it again, pen in hand, to find it. Oh well: there are worse things then rereading Austen.

I have heard of those that reread their favorite Austen every year and I rather admire it. I do some annual rereads but I don’t know if I really want to add another to that list; so many other books to read. But who knows? They way they keep publishing new editions with wonderful covers I might have to do so rather soon because inspirations got the hold of me.



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