London calling; Part two

While I’m on the subject of London(see yesterday’s post) I would like to add a few places that I recommend and then move on from this and plan my next trip instead of looking back.


I’m not down (I drink classy cocktails you know)

I don’t drink a lot but what I do drink has to count. So I’m usually particular about bars or rather I try to visit a few places that can provide me with inspiration. The Worship street Whistling stop was lovely (here) but always on my to visit-list are;

-69 Colebrook row;home to mixology maverick Tony Conigliaro (here)

-Zetter townhouse; bar is managed by Conigliaro but a very cosy environment  (here)

-The Artesian; voted best bar in the world many time (here)

There are many great bars in London; I couldn’t possibly visit them all without being extremely hungover but those three have found a way into my heart.

Death or Glory

img_6879-1Undoubtedly the Museums of London bring it. Probably one of my fave museums in the world is Sir John Soane’s: a place that can be summed up with the words “you are not a hoarder if your stuff is in order”. So much to see. It is sometime called “the museum of museums” and I buy that. Soane was an architect and he built his own house in order to fit the vast collection of artifacts; the colours and the light are spectacular.  No photos are allowed inside but you can find out more here.



Oddly enough it was the first time I managed a visit to the British Library. It is well worthimg_6919 a visit (and now I’m placing a moratorium on that phrase) not only for the spectacular shop but it is very nice to see the old scripts; “soaring on the wings of history” and all that. Jane Austen’s writing desk was temporarily elsewhere when I visited but I did get to see the Magna Charta and some inspiring illustrations in religious scripture. There was a temporary exhibit on the subject of Punk that was interesting and the library itself is pretty amazing. All those books.



Brand New Cadillac (-ish)

On our way there I drank the shot of espresso that made me hit rock bottom and forced me to rethink my coffee guzzling ways. I will remember it always. The next day when visiting the British museum (here) I started my new life and had herbal tea and the paper cup it was served in was the nicest I’ve ever seen. In the area around the British museum I also want to mention the lovely café Syrup of Soot(here). It was newly opened when I visited but based on the location, instagramability and lovely coffee and pastries I expect it will become very popular.



I spent time looking at old things not only at the British museum but also the Victoria and Albert, usually just called the V&A(here). I could do that all day really. I am obsessed with kimonos. And my own sloppy take on them. Both places have amazing shops.

And then as always when traveling; keep your eyes open. You might just see something unexpected.



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