Sunday-Shelfie dress

img_8419That’s me; wearing my Sunday-shelfie dress, trying shoes at Zara. The dress feel like a hit, the shoe-shopping not so much.

Sunday selfie, or rather #sundayshelfie, is a phenomena on Instagram. The dress came to life during a weekend and was posted on my account on a Sunday, hence the name.

The dress is made of my parents old dustruffle which has some damage(cut away the bad bits) and attracts cat hair something awful. I really should have listened to that last complaint. But I didn’t and now I serve as a hair magnet.

Idea wise it’s a basic wish to not put a book cover on a dress but to do something original whilst promoting the authors that I love. Not the most original thought maybe.

I used this Mccalls pattern that I’m fond of. After making this dress I threw it away because it was so damaged. I abuse my patterns. The whole front of the dress was sewn up before I started on the painting.

I used fabric paint intended for dark fabrics which doesn’t always give intense white. But here it ended up giving this blackboard effect which I really liked. Despite the painting on it, it ends up being quite “muted” and with a cardigan and some black tights I’ve used it both at work and social gatherings with success( and by that I mean that I’ve blended in rather well and maybe gotten the odd compliment).

img_8170 I did intentionally leave some spines “un-written”because I like the idea of the dress evolving with time. If it last that long. The problem with using old materials is that they are worn. The sleeves on this have already started fraying. It wasn’t the best quality to begin with actually. Oh well. I’ll use it as much as I can while it last and then I can always make a new one.



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