Running around with a runner

My parents have four cats and and awful lot of things. I have one cat and the reputation for creativity. My mother sometimes buys things thinking “Suss can probably do something with this”(shan’t complain; great fabrics have come my way thanks to that. And I haven’t paid for them) and somethings I just get offered damaged goods.

img_7318This is a rather sturdy table runner that my mother had. Nothing antique or anything. One of the cats had chewed or clawed on the fringe on one side and managed to create serious damage. So I cut away that bit and zig-zagged the edge(with my sewing machine) to prevent it from fraying.

Then I spent some time trying to figure out the proportions. I can’t give any exact measurements, depends on what you are making into a bag, but I folded first a bit so that it would “line itself” and then stitched up the sides by hand.

img_7324Make sure to have a needle that is though enough. That said it is done in a matter of minutes.

img_7341I made the “flap” on this rather long just so that I could roll it up and get a good grip on it. I think it’s fun and I think that a bit of pink brightens things up.



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