Mark my words(or rather clothes)

It took a while for me to figure out how to use fabric markers to their best advantage. As I’ve said before they are easy to use but also somewhat limited in color (and intensity).

However one of my Austen&Attire-outfits ended up being a real winner in terms of trying new stuff.
img_6697Sewing trousers is the kind of thing that I avoid. I have tried once or twice over the years but results have been rather sad. I used them, but reluctantly.

For this project I used an orange fabric mostly chosen based on colour and then I made the trousers using the simplest pattern I could find. This is a  Capri-style trouser with a zipper in the side. On the parts I draw (best I could) to imitate the pattern on the cover. One thing that I have said many times is that there is safety(and style) in numbers. It started out looking horrible but with the whole trouser leg full of them it comes tighter. The quality of the fabric is not the best sadly and they have gotten a bit baggy with use. And they are magnetic to cat hairs so I function as a human lint roller when I wear them. I’ve worn them mostly with a white shirt or t-shirt and some sandals. Loads of jewelry. But I’m very happy about having tried and kind of managed to make trousers I’m not ashamed of. After these I made a pair of blue linen ones( using an old damaged tablecloth) that I’m also happy about.

Recently I also went “full circle” (pun intended); last winter when I read The Engelsfors-trilogy* by Sara Bergen Elfmark and Mats Strindberg (here) I made a note in one of my many notebooks. The note referred to a “book within the book” namely The book of patters which is a way for the young witches of the story to communicate with the other realm. I had drawn some of the symbols and written “wouldn’t this make a great pattern on a dress?”. Last winter I had no idea of how to make that idea reality. Now I do.

img_7675This can be made by anyone using a fabric marker and an old t-shirt or top. I chose to make one but being able to use existing garments is one of the great things about these pens.

I got a bit impatient so maybe not the straightest lines. This is made by old fabric though so it will have limited life and I can deal with it. A few people have spotted the origin of the pattern, most just think it’s kind of “minimalist cool”.


*called “Cirkel-trilogin” in Swedish



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