Little of this,little of that..

img_8357-The clothes in my closet keep falling apart. Two skirts this week (to be fair I’ve had both for 5+ years and used them loads) and turns out that more then half the tights in the drawer were also falling apart. Haven’t used them until now when we have gone from unseasonably warm to very seasonably cold so haven’t noticed. In my efforts to live in a more sustainable way I went and bought a pair of “Swedish stockings” at Replik here in Stockholm. You can read more about the brand here, the store Replik here and Johanna who runs the store has a blog which you can find here. Will let you know how I find them.

-The clothes that fall apart have been mostly cut up to be used for other things but a bag or so was left to recycling; this is obviously a new thing in shops. I’ve decided that I feel alright about it because I can hand in damaged goods. But if people hand in “fast fashion-stuff” just to make room for more?  If you think about cleaning your closet/doing the Kon-Mari thing there was an article in Slate you should read first. Find it here (I’m still waiting for the copy of Overdressed from the library).

-I’m currently reading What is your is not yours by Helena Oyeyemi and I would like to tell you that in the first short story there is wearing of keys around the neck. Very trendy right now: how to here

-If you live in Stockholm and like art I recommend a visit at Mag III in Frihamnen. It’s one of my favorite art institutions.  The new Tony Oursler exhibit wasn’t my cup of tea but  I been downstairs twice to look at the Christine Ödlund-exhibit called “Aether&Einstein”; talking ferns, mysticism and colored glass in a wonderful mix. Read more here.

-I noticed that I have over 5000 followers on Instagram. I don’t really know how that happened. Had a discussion with myself (never a good idea) about watermarking my photos to prevent theft. Read an article about it that changed my mind. Find it here.



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