London Calling; part 1

img_7680The point of clearing the shelves is to make room for new books, isn’t it?  Because browsing bookshops and buying new things to read definitely “spark joy”.

I went to London the other month and bookshopping is an integral part of any trip there. I was having a discussion with my brother (who is going to London soon) about London bookshops; he swears by Waterstones Piccadilly and Hatchard’s. The latter is alright I guess but I avoid that part of town as much as I can: too crowded(wrote the ninny who doesn’t mind running around in Soho which is also effing crowded. Too crowded by people wearing bum-bags is what the snob means about Piccadilly Circus).

I made two new discoveries this time and Sandoe Books has become one of my favorite bookshops actually.

Located in Chelsea,just of King’s road, it’s surprising that I haven’t been before. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in that area (I don’t really know what that says about me). When I posted from there on my IG-account I compared it to a hobbit’s burrow and I stand by that. It is very cosy, and an intimate environment is better for book shopping I think. Stress free browsing and excellent service. Find out more here.


Another place I visited for the first time is Persephone books on Lamb’s conduit street. Managed to pop in on route between the British Museum and The British Library. Such a wonderful little bookshop/publisher and their idea of printing neglected books is an admirable one. Walked out with two books and a catalogue. It can be the start of of wonderful friendship. Find out more here.

img_6833Daunt books, in particular the shop on Marylebone High street, is an old acquaintance. Find out more here.This time I left without any books actually. And then I walked not that many meters, stumbled in to an Oxfam on the same street and bought a bunch. That Oxfam is highly recommended.

Other places to shop for books included previously mentioned Hatchard’s(here) and Foyle’s which is brilliant but big (here)

I would also recommend following @anicegreenleaf (here) on Instagram since she often posts about nice bookshops or things related to books in London.




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