The key to bookstyle

As for the key,I put it on the string next to my apartment key and wore it like a pendant

-from Extremely loud& Incredibly close by Jonathan Safran Foer

I have to admit that I didn’t like Extremely loud& Incredibly close neither the first nor the second time I read it(for bookclub). To me it is too contrived somehow. I think that the fact that I have worked a bit with autistic kids which probably make me regard the young Oscar in a different light.

That said: his accessories are on point.

I found some old keys in a drawer at the cottage. Nobody knows from whence they came or what they are for. So I took them. They looked very cool I thought.

Using some simple chain and a pair of pliers I turned them into necklaces.

img_7389It really is very simple. And rather stylish. As I was walking around a bookshop the other day I noticed this.


Look at me matching the cover of an Austen book once again. It really is a way of life.

For those that cannot find cool keys or have a budget constraint there is always Tiffany’s;

tiffany-keys-crown-key-pendant-21921335_938533_ed_g_mPicture is from Tiffany’s website. You can find the full collection here



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