Rosehips got me so crazy right now

img_8253This time of year I’m found rummaging around bushes,clad in wellies and with a pair of scissors in hand. What I lack in gardening skills(or indeed garden to practice skills in) I more then make up for as a forager. Always make sure you are allowed to forage and know what you are bringing home!!

One of my favorite things to forage is rosehips. I do love the colour of them, and the shape. I often snip of a few and keep in a vase with or without other flowers( orange rosehips with pink roses look lovely).

I also make rosehip-syrup. I got the recipe from one of the few gardening books I have; The Virgin gardener by Laetitia Maklouf. It was the first gardening book I bought (in a second hand shop) and it has served me well. The recipe is pretty much the same as the one from River Cottage that you can find here. In addition to their tips on how to use it I will add cocktails: a dash of this in a G&T is lovely or to use instead of sugar when making an Old fashioned. Also very nice with champagne.

It has also been much on the table lately because I bought this cup and saucer. It’s from the swedish label Gustavsberg; the series is called Nature and this is in fact the color rosehip; makes sense when looking at the bottle of syrup.

Last but, not least, I have never made rosehip-jam. But I have worn it a lot since it is the name of my most beloved lipstick. I’ve been putting this on(from the bullet) since I found it in the H&M beauty collection(here). Never have so many people complimented me on my lipstick and/or asked where I got it.



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