Break-up to make up

And so it begins…

It has happened twice before in my life that a large number of my clothes fall apart at the same time.

I do remember, with a certain amount of horror, the almost three weeks that I spent the other year, where every morning when I was getting dressed I had to realize that the item I wanted to wear was basically in shreds.

A part of has to do with perception; in periods I’m less agonized about letting go of things  and then the threshold is naturally lower. But it is also the case that dresses literally broke when I was trying to zip them, a sweater got a tear in it as I was putting it on and a skirt ripped as I was leaving the flat (If you wear big heavy bags all the time, and they rest a bit on your hip then there is spot on a skirt or dress that will be worn out.  Outerwear also take a beating).

Another part of it is that I make and shop in periods so items tend to break at around the same time(most people experience this with socks). And I really do wear most of my clothes to the point of no return. I have rarely handed clothes to charity because they are in such bad condition that no one is going to pay for them. And again; this also comes from often making things using old materials.

I would love it if I could summarize my wardrobe with the words “hand me downs,homemade,H&M and Hermes”. I can’t however; very little Hermes I’m afraid and Zara has  much better cashmere and better fit for me then H&M.

My favorite jeans: a pair of ACNE skinnies that got a stain so I used bleach to give them a pattern. It worked wonderfully(trying not to think about the environmental effect of bleach) and I used them for an additional year. But now there is a sizable hole on the knee and it is one of life’s great mysteries how distressed jeans must be designed to look good, and actually just worn out jeans look awful. If I ever wear ripped jeans they will probably be the expensive kind where someone has put a lot of thought into the actually damage.

My everyday bag has also been retired. First the strap broke but I got by a while longer with the strap from another bag. But now the clasp is almost falling off (I’m always being told,very kindly, by people to close my bag as to not get pickpocketed) and there is a tear in the side-seam so things are falling out. I went and asked about it and was informed that it wasn’t worth fixing. It was a good bag and lasted me a year and a half of being worn, filled to the max and in all weathers. I obviously have other bags so no worries; however most of my bags are either smaller(for evening use) or very big( and thus I fill them with to much and they break my back)

And then one of my most worn skirts broke. I bought it vintage as a dress, then it became a skirt,then a dress again and now it’s a (rather small) skirt that will be cut into squares to use for something else. Really into patchwork right now(have almost completed a fall/winter coat).

These are a bunch of patterns that a friend gave me(she was helping someone clear out a house; I tell you my friends watch out for me) and this is the current pile of materials. The pink fabric is a summer dress that has a tear in it, not fixable. I will use the good bits for something else(have already started actually), leftovers from other projects etc. A lot to work with and I hope to have a very creative season ahead of me.

All I need now are some inspiring books with pretty covers.



2 thoughts on “Break-up to make up”

  1. I agree with what you say about ripped jeans, but I think yours still look fantastic. I have this skinny pair of Diesel jeans that you’ve probably seen on the blog/IG: they have two rips above the knees (from years of wear) in completely wrong places, but I still love them. Will need a new pair soon, however, there’s no escaping.

    1. After this they continued to tear though; bleach does make the fibres fragile. And I had to accept that the armpits on a dress I love were so stiff/mangy that they hurt and that dress will be retired.

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