Rounding up the week

img_8239-This is a really bad photo but I did wear my Northanger Abbey-skirt yesterday and after running around in it I decided that in fact I will leave it as this length for now.

-When I was running around I had time to pop in at Cow and smell a few perfumes. One that I like the smell of is “Portrait of a lady” from Frédéric Malle. However since it’s named after a novel I think is boring (not a fan of Henry James at all actually) I don’t want to wear it. No logic But I was reminded about an article in The Financial Times about books and perfume that you can find here.

-Those strips of papers spritzed with perfume make excellent bookmarks. I got this tip in a perfume shop once and it’s true. Don’t throw them away.

img_8254-1-Because Fall has now really begun it was necessary to stock up on smokey Lapsang tea and some good quality Earl Grey. Picked up a few magazines and when I bought things at Other stories I got a sample. As I’m a fan of &other stories (i.e. obsessed) I’m always looking forward to their new offerings.

-I also bought the latest issue of Vanity Fair(to arrive in the North) so that I could see who made it into The best dressed list and was glad to see both Zadie Smith( on the cover of the current The Gentlewoman) and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie make it. You can have a look here.

-I’m currently obsessed with the podcast “In our time” from BBC4. If you have nothing better to do this weekend I recommend listening to an episode or two(makes housework so much more enjoyable). The latest episode was about Animal farm and it was very good. I’ve also been dipping into the archives and listening to talks about The tempest by Shakespeare, the Salem witch trials and Hildegard of Bingen amongst other things. I do feel a lot smarter. Find it here.



2 thoughts on “Rounding up the week”

  1. This skirt is probably my favourite of all your book-based designs. A fantastic pattern. In other news, if you do like POAL, do buy it now rather than later – I hear from trustworthy sources that most Malles will be reformulated under the Lauder leadership.

    1. Thank You! I do love it; this and the Mansfield park-dress are my faves. Actually the new Mona DI Orio(with no literary connection what so ever) was the one I was most interested in.

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