More Austen&Attire; the black and white ball

When I stumbled across the lovely editions of Austen’s work with covers by Leanne Sharpton I was smitten. The idea of collection the Penguin clothbound went through the door. And there was a constant stream of ideas for clothes.

Part of that is the covers themselves; they are basically repeat prints and more then one person have pointed out that they would make great wallpaper.

I have already shown you the “Sense&sensability”-scarf (here) but the first one I made was on a whim, using just an old sheet and a fabric marker.

img_4311I make most of my tops in a very simple style; basically a slim square, no sleeves. In this case I “dotted” with the fabric marker to create the pattern and had the genius idea, I thought, to use the wreath around the title as a detail around the collar.

This was one of my first attempts at using fabric markers and my conclusion is this; very easy to use, they come in a array of colours but (BUT!) they the aren’t saturated enough, it does become rather “chalky”. And I wasn’t happy with the proportions of this.

img_4630So off I went to buy some cream jersey(which fits better anyway) and black fabric paint. And with a brush I dappled on the pattern. I’m a lot happier with the proportions but the detail around the collar wasn’t as finely done with this method. But all the jokes about built in “Rorschach-test” is a bonus of course.

The cover that probably gave me the most ideas was the one for “Northanger Abbey”.

img_5899Those little branches or twigs or whatever they are fueled my imagination. And at that point I had to have a conversation with myself(never I good I idea; I’m one of the most stubborn people I know) about how to proceed: a strategy was necessary.

This was something that I wanted to do, and an opportunity to learn. And as much as I love making things of old materials that wasn’t possible.So I decided to make 6 different garments and try to use different materials and techniques .

I already had a top and this ended up being the one skirt I made. After talking with staff at both the cloth-shop and the supply store I ended up buying black linen as base. And I made a very simple skirt, of a design that I’ve made many times before(I didn’t even use a pattern). Here I printed but have to admit that I did go in afterwards with a brush and add white paint because I felt they were to pale. Printing is difficult.

Over summer this skirt felt great; I used it may times with my black sandals, a white t-shirt and my big Kalevala pendant. And this look , with my fave chartreuse sweater, was good for work(AC at work never rests). As the season have turned it does feel a bit short. I didn’t line it(too eager to wear it) but fabric for it so might just have to go in and do it properly. And while I’m at it add a trim of velvet or fake leather to make it wearable for fall. I’ve done that a bunch of times with other garments and it’s a look I like actually.





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