Austen&Attire; the prequel

img_3330The first of my attempts at making outfits to go with book covers that succeeded was this one.

I had decided to reread all of Jane Austen’s work. Oddly enough I did not have any of her books. She is one of my favorite writers but still I’ve relied on libraries and copies from friends. I was gonna make sure to have some Austen on hand in the future and I had my eye on these editions; the penguin clothbound.

Sense&sensability is not my preferred Austen. But this cover!! The combination of light blue,hot pink and a dash of wine-red(the ribbon bookmark) really spoke to me.

I made the dress in jersey because I have learned that when printing or painting on fabric you must use a fabric that can withstand a certain amount of heat since you need to iron it to make it permanent.

The cut is this 80’s design with a batwing sleeve that I was really into all spring; the pattern came to me by way of a co-worker that had found it when cleaning her house(this happens often in my life).

Instead of the elastic in the waist I used grosgrain ribbon in claret that I attached to the sides.

However before anything got stitched togheter I printed. I find that it is easier to cut the pieces first and print or paint on them afterwards. That has a lot to do with the nature of my creations.

In this case I decided, after a failed attempt at a more involved print, to make more of  an abstraction and just have the one flower stretch across the top part. Easier to make and easier to wear. I always say that one of my talents is knowing the limits of my abilities.

I have found however that my lack of skill isn’t the only reason for the difficulties. The “printing-kit” I have is shit.  The silk fabric on the screen is poor quality which makes an even print very hard to make. I will use up the transfer sheets that I have but then it is bye bye.

The same goes for this copy actually. After this I found the lovely edition with covers by Leanne Sharpton and I have been disappointed in the poor quality of this edition. Despite only being gently read at home and standing on the shelf the print is wearing off. That’s that I suppose. I have the dress to remind me and hopefully my own print will last longer.




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