Goodbye and Hello!

I’ve spent the weekend cleaning and “cleansing”(my home;not myself). Had a look at the shelves to see what “didn’t spark joy”(a Marie Kondo-post is coming) and this book caught my eye.

img_7990What shall I say- a guide to letter writing for ladies is a reprint of an old book and I do remember buying this at the stationary department at Liberty in London. Any stationary department is a happy place but that one in particular.

However it isn’t as much fun as I thought and I don’t need the help in writing letters actually. This book is going to charity. I’m as much a chatterbox with pen and paper as I am in person.

img_7978Lucky for me I ran across a bit of a sale at the NK bookshop. They had a suitcase full of stuff for 10 kr/each(10 kr =€1 approx.) so I got all of this for 70 kr. 3 packs of cards, some notebooks that will make excellent gifts, a half dozen very funny envelopes and punch-out decorations that I will probably also give away as presents. As the decorations are currently flat and come with their own envelopes they make excellent presents for friends in faraway places.

I’m always on the  lookout for stylish cards or reasonable stationary. I have a weak spot for classic light blue “air mail” with a navy and red boarder but picked up some lovely pale pink paper in Austria (Sweden has, until recently , been a hard place to find nice stationary) that I write on using hot pink fountain pen. Rather kitsch I guess but I like it.

When it comes to contemporary correspondence the card seems to have had a resurgence; or maybe better cards are just being made. I can actually only speak for my small part of the world (i.e. bookstagram which is IG for bookworms) but there people are very fond of sending a message that way. With a card “the medium is the message”; there isn’t much space to write anything but just a way of saying “I’m thinking about you”.



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