The accidental bookstyler

Yesterday I mentioned “book styling by accident”; what I meant was “when I realize I have something in my closet that already matches the book cover”. This isn’t so weird after all: at times I’m really in the mood for a certain color or expression and that might well reflect what books I pick up.

img_2580Or not. I made a red spring coat using a bedspread that a friend was going to throw out due to not using it/a smudge of paint. It worked brilliantly as a coat as the material was indian cotton. Batwing sleeves and big pockets. The book had nothing to to with the coat: it was a recommendation but I did see the humor in packing both for a trip. In the end I thought the book wasn’t much. If you want something to give you shivers up your spine I recommend “Burial rites” by Hannah Kent.

img_7835The very same friend was also the source of this wonderful fabric. There wasn’t that much of it but just enough to make small dress. On my way to dinner with friends I realized it matched the book I was reading and shared it on Instagram. Love love love this dress; there is a timelessness to these colours and the print that makes it a forever piece, and one that works on so many occasions depending on how I match it. The book was good at the time: fast-paced historical YA. But it was given to charity in the end.

img_7959Another book that went to charity was this one. I’m glad I have read “the Yellow wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins-Gilman but I don’t feel I need to do so again. If I do I’ll buy it in the form of a little black classic from Penguin books. Looked great with this dress though.

img_7879This is my current read and another one of my most loved dresses( and yes; all of my dresses are “my most loved dresses”). This dress was made out of a full length vintage skirt that a co-worker gave me. It was too long and way too heavy for me( she is about 1,8 m and I’m 1,65 m. It makes a world of difference). Enjoying the book very much; it’s one of those beloved classics that I seem to have missed completely (have read Proust though so I don’t feel like an idiot because of it).

img_3916And then there is this dress. My first attempt at making a dress inspired by a book (not the cover but a map inside the book) failed miserably. I had no idea what I was doing. In an effort to cover my mistake and salvage the fabric I went Jackson Pollock on it and created a pattern with spatter. And about a year later I’m reading Letters to Milena by Kafka(a most excellent book) and I’m reminded of this dress; it’s funny how it works out sometimes.



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