The maker of swan-tops

I had planned to blog about something else today but seeing as my “The Maker of swans-top” got reposted by Orion books yesterday I thought I would throw it in there.

As always it starts with a pretty cover; in this case the cover art by Sinem Erkas to The maker of swans by Paraic O’Donnell. I have a weak spot for swans in general and according to my sources they are trendy this season.

I goes without saying that I liked the book. I wouldn’t make something inspired by a cover if I didn’t. Maybe some accidental book styling but never actually make something. It is a dreamy slow-paced book which is more magical realism then fantasy (which is how it was “sold” to me) but I was enchanted by it. It also reminded me bit of Sandor Marai in the style of the storytelling( a reference that might not make much sense to very many but whatever).

It is also my philosophy to use mostly materials that I have. And this was a way to do just that. The base is a black silk top that had been damaged (I cannot eat lobster rolls without getting stained and have learned not to wear silk blouses when doing so). Said stains were hidden behind my swan application. The application was made using a bit of leftover white velvet that I drew on to make it look like the white swan on the cover.

img_7313The big problem was to a) cut the velvet by hand, and without any template, to look like the swan on the cover and b)not laugh uncontrollably at how it looked halfway. It’s at times like these that I make a cuppa and wonder what the hell I’m doing. Then I zig-zagged the edges and continued.

img_7489It did turn out reasonably well in the end. The beak looks weird when I sit down and should be adjusted. At first I wasn’t happy with the button I used as an eye but I’ve gotten used to it.

And the best thing is that when I tire of this I can easily undo the stitches on the sides(this is handsewn onto the garment) and replace it with something different until I once again am in the mood for swans.




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