I will be calm, I will be mistress of myself

-from Sense&Sensability

Having shown the top I made inspired by the cover of Mrs Dalloway it feels pertinent to go back a bit and write about how this madness began.

Once upon a time a girl was born and she started reading early and never stopped. But that’s more then you need to know really.

What is relevant is that I’ve long made clothes: nothing advanced and not necessarily well by any standards but I have made them. And thought myself few tricks along the way. I don’t know if my lack of formal training is a problem(I don’t know how to make certain things) or a help (It never occurs to me that I can’t do certain things). Something I long wanted to do, and have made a few (mostly)failed attempts at, was creating my own patterns.

img_4658These are not the first book covers to inspire me  but they formed the outlines of a project of an unprecedented scale. It may sound as a small thing but to me these covers was the source of so many ideas and armed with them, given that they have repeat patterns created by Leanne Sharpton on them, I could ask questions, get good answers and learn. Well I didn’t always get good answers but I got some and what I have learned is a lot.

img_4727The sense& sensibility scarf was not the first of the garments I made but probably the one I’ve used the most; a scarf is a very useful thing.

I went out looking for fabric that matched. Then I used a small sponge to make the dots. These colors are supposed to be blendable so you can create your own nuances but not really I say. A very small difference.

img_4718I made sure that the tabletop was covered, and used newspapers underneath the fabric. I find that printing/painting on a semi-soft surface is easier and yields a better result. After making the rows of spots I let it dry over night and then used a dry iron to make the paint permanent and waterproof. I hemmed the scarf afterwards.

img_5081And that was that. I truly love these colours so it matches many things that I have( because I think it goes with everything) and because the fabric isn’t wool it was very useful during the summer months ,just over the shoulders. Can be wrapped tightly when the wind is cold.

All of the garments in this series have gotten little tags with a quote from the actual book. For this one I chose the quote in the beginning. Seemed apt somehow.



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