Friendly take-over/Bookstyle

This weekend I had the honor of taking over the instagram for @vintagebooksuk; I’ve never done anything like that before but decided it would be fun. It’s easy when it’s a publisher that is already prevalent on my shelves.

img_7738They sent me a bunch of books to feature in my posts; I had no idea in advance what books exactly but they “know” me and chose wisely.  I was  excited about most of these. Woolf is close to my heart, as is Finnish design, so these new editions with covers by Aino-Maija Metsola really spoke to me. Metsola has also done work for Marimekko which is a brand I grew up with(having a Finnish mother). These editions will be available on October 6th if I’m correctly informed.

img_7774It is part of my creative philosophy to try to use as much as possible of existing materials, and right now I have a lot of fabric. I have a reputation for making things, and having ideas on how to use even the oddest or most thrashed materials, and so a lot end up here. I rarely say no when people offer me their damaged tablecloths or clothes.

I also had a fair few bottles of fabric paint left over from other projects(which I will write about in future). Of these, the cover to Mrs Dalloway was the one that seemed easiest to succeed with given the materials at hand.


So I got to painting. It’s not identical but  an effort to capture a mood. Which I think I managed pretty well. Then I turned this into a simple sleeveless top, a model I use a lot right now, with a contrasting ribbon around the neckline and arms.

img_7779Et voilà! Looked lovely with a black cardigan(which I use with everything) and some black trousers. Those splotches of colour made me smile all day.




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