The bookish hearth and home

I have a slight obsession with scented candles. I’m a bit tired of the hype and the ever increasing prices but as candles has become not so much a luxury item as something for everyone, the market has gotten bigger.

Still, we live in the narrative age, and giving a candle a nice name with glamorous appeal is basic marketing. And for many, even non-readers, the library has a hold on our hearts.

It’s the image of sophisticated clutter,eons of time, leather sofas(probably) and culture. If we had the space a lot of us would have one I think. The closest thing for most however is a candle called Library or something like it.

I have not really tried  these candles;  I’m just reporting on my findings in London. I will say that I did sniff them all and they have a common theme of wood,smoke and leather. True Grace  is available a bit everywhere(read more here) and despite not having had this particular candle I’ve bought other scents from them and been very happy. The other two were nice but not nice enough for me to want to part with money and have to drag them home. No22 I found at Liberty (you can read more here) and the one from Birch&Brook was for sale at the British Library (you can read more here). They are more niche things and might not ship to where you live.


There is an obvious reason why I’m so picky with “Library-candles” and that reason is spelled Byredo. I want to love everything they do, but I don’t. I’ve smelled all their perfumes multiple times and only Bullion ever got my knickers in a twist. Ok maybe 1996 a bit (but in that family of perfumes I love 34 Boulevard Saint Germain from Diptyque more) but I do adore their candles in general and Bibliothéque in particular. In is my favorite  candle from Byredo(followed by Carousel) and one the few candles that I’ve bought over and over(and as a present). You can read more here.

Something that is difficult to find here but that could also be an option are candles  with a more direct literary reference, for example Cire Trudon has a Byron candle(here), Paddywax makes several named after authors in their Libabry-collection. I’ve had the Austen-candle once and it was lovely(read more here)(I’m very curious about the Dickens candle as I reread a Christmas carol every year).

So there you have a few tips on candles for the bookish types. If you have any other suggestions/recommendations/tips  I would love hear it in the comments.



3 thoughts on “The bookish hearth and home”

  1. Oh, at last! I’ve figured out the commenting. I hope. Another huge Bibliotheque fan here (and my second favourite Byredo is the same). AND I have similar feelings about most of their scents, although I have just bought one. Go figure. Anyway, I wanted to ask if you are familiar with the Jardins d’Ecrivains candles (and perfumes)? I haven’t found anything I’m 100% crazy about, but they are definitely worth trying.

    1. Oh thank You for reminding me! I have smelled those on a visit to Paris. Bought the Tolstoi candle which had a nice smokiness to it. Can’t find them here though. And then I’m hopelessly devoted to The Bibliotheque candle(during this time of year).

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