Blue Monday

As I said; I make clothes to match pretty covers of books I like. And I would like to point that out: no matter how pretty the cover, it won’t be a source of inspiration unless I actually like the book too. There are two ways to go about it.

  1. Use a fabric that already matches the book.img_6799I’ve wanted to make something out of this old Persian tablecloth for a long time. Last fall my mother actually let me take another tablecloth of a similar print but different colours and I made a skirt I love. This became a rather bohemian dress. When I was done I realized how well it went with The folded clock by Heidi Julavits. A book I really love(I’ve written about it before). It is not a book to read in one sitting but rather a little a day. It is a diary and just a few entries per day is just enough. But this is not the only garment that I have that matches this book. Which brings me to method number two.
  2. Make the fabric match. img_6056This is a very simple top I made using leftover fabric. I then used blue fabric marker to draw flowers,dots and lines inspired by this cover. It should be noted that this cover design is by Leanne Sharpton who’s work I’m currently obsessed with(both illustrations and writing. I should be embarrassed by my own fan-girling but I’m not). Fabric markers are great in that they demand very little except 12 hours to dry. They don’t smudge, you don’t have to make a mess and then clean up said mess. On the downside they don’t give the kind of thick lush color that you might desire. They are in short great,but not suitable for all projects. This is one thing I’ve learned.

I do recommend the book but understand that women might find it a better read then men. I also encourage everyone to try to be creative.



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