Once more; with feeling…

img_7167Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away I had a cocktail blog. in swedish with a very literary and non-cool vibe. When I decided to close it all of my seven readers were heartbroken. I jest a bit but honestly I didn’t have that many readers, probably a result of blogging in swedish. It is my mother tongue and I love it, but it is spoken by few.

In the last time of my cocktail blogging I started an Instagram account. And boy oh boy that was fun. However posting about books was more fun then cocktails (although posting about books and cocktails is still a fave with me, even though it doesn’t get the most likes). And so when I closed the blog I decided to start anew, a clean slate, tabula rasa, Like a virgin. Because I make very little sense  I (obviously) chose as my handle something from an old blog that I started but never really bothered with. And it took like a year for me to get around to really writing. Or plan to write anyhow( having had a link in my profile since the beginning for no reason at all). Because I’ve decided that the world needs more literary-cocktails,book reviews and general bookish insanity I will blog in english(despite my english being a foul mix of British and American). And I will make no apologies about general post on food,fashion or felines. These things are always on my mind and I need somewhere to air my thoughts. Most likely stuff I make will be a subject;I’m always trying to be creative.

At this point I have loads of ideas, a few pics saved to use for post and no clue really where this will end up. I need a little time and a few post to get back into the writing groove, find my voice and all that. I hope you’ll stay with me.


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