7 things I don’t do (anymore)

  1. IMG_4674.jpgLeave come without the charger to my phone: do I need to explain ?
  2. Jaywalk: Even when the street is devoid of cars I just stand there waiting at the zebra-crossing for the light to say “walk”. I use that moment to just breath deeply.
  3. Have more then one nailpolish: I understand the allure of a row of nailpolish but got tired of them “going bad”. I stick to just a bottle of basecoat, a nice polish and a fast-drying top-coat.
  4. Write more then 1o things on my “to-do”-list: I’ll be overwhelmed for sure. I’ll just write down the first ten things that pop up in my head(I have a lot of confidence in my head when it come to this) and do them. Doing something is always better then doing nothing.
  5. Keep reading books I don’t feel like: late in life did I learn to just give up on a book. Sometimes it’s timing, sometimes it’s just not a good book.
  6. Buy expensive shades: I’ll take them off to talk to someone and forget them on the table. A lesson I learned the expensive way. I just buy something from H&M nowadays.
  7. Not wear co-ordinating underwear: I have just learned to buy 2-3 pairs of knickers to every bra. And yes, I have a bit of OCD.

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