The folded clock-a diary by Heidi Julavits

I love browsing bookshops and the library. Often I know what I’m looking for but I always have my eye out for something unexpected.

Which is how I came to read this book. The lovely cover caught my eye and when I read the back I was sold. It’s been out for some time and many people have lauded it, and with right.

The first entry is about time and that, as mentioned yesterday, struck a chord with me:what I’m I doing with my days nowadays. I work and then what? I’ve tried keeping a journal but a blog seams like a better idea: photos and all can be integrated.

My life will be nowhere as cool as Julavits: she’s a writer,New Yorker and  wiser. I love “her voice”: I want to be friends with this women, and I mean that in a “not creepy ” way. I’m not gonna start calling her or anything. But so much of what she writes made me nod in agreement or laugh out loud: having to many coats, always being told that she looks like someone else or “gossiping hard”. In some ways it reminded me of “The Pillowbook” by Sei Shonagon which I also love.

I will buy this book for a few friends as a present and recommend it to any one; it is a great comfort and something that I think will reread many times.

Today I also had to accept that my laptop is shit: to old to blog on basically. I will see to that in the next weeks. I’ve realized many time over the last months that it is to old but I’m such a tech-phobe that I haven’t bothered.


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